Google’s The Best!

Out of all the websites that I can think of, the one that’s made the most significant impact on the world is Google. The internet may be primary to the search engine, but the tool used to navigate through a world-wide system is equally as important. Search engines and the internet go hand in hand.

Google is the vehicle we use to cruise through the internet galaxy, searching by names and topics to fuel our destination. Otherwise, the internet is just a universe of floating information, hoping to be discovered. What would the internet be without all the websites that keep people connected? From events happening daily, to the best-fetched sources, to honoring birthdays and anniversaries of outstanding people who’ve given back to society — Google leads it to our fingertips. It’s the most informative search engine of all time.

I’ve used the website ever since I can remember. I’m apart of the x-generation. The first time I saw a computer was during grade school in the library. It’s usually the primary search engine on most cell phones and other computer devices nowadays. Therefore, I know it’s the best. I can count on Google to pull up the most up-to-date, reliable sources from the web.

I love the artistic word designs that change daily on Google’s homepage. The image above is what inspired me to write this post. The word art designs on the website make the company’s brand name a perpetually changing logo in itself. What a great idea! There are masterminds consistently at work within the company. Innovation is a reflection of an evolving society.

The letters of the title are portrayed as human characters. Each letter at home in quarantine, the first one was reading a book, another creating music, a character exercising, and two of them talking on the phone to each other. All of Google’s word art is displayed in variations of red, yellow, green and blue, as it’s the company’s logo colors. That images on this post are examples of how Google captivates web surfers and makes the user-friendly experience at their site worthwhile. I take the time to gaze at the homepage every time I visit the site. I can always count on the word art to be thoughtful.

The image above is Google honoring the researchers and public health officials during their part in trying to protect the world from the COVID-19 virus. Lead healthcare officials in LA county such as Director Barbara Ferrer and Supervisor Kathryn Barger have been all over the Fox channel 11 news, publicly speaking about the regulations and policies designed to serve the community. Able healthcare workers are dedicated to their duties. The news reports have also revealed the upheaval and stress the pandemic has placed on the entire healthcare system.

Again, here is Google giving love to our medical providers, who risk their own lives to save the majority. There have been many healthcare workers who have lost their lives in fighting against this deadly disease. So, it’s good to see a thriving company like Google honoring them.

The site credits workers at routine jobs that don’t pay very well. Teachers, for example, are frequently overworked and underpaid. Due to the pandemic, many of them had to become technology savvy if they wanted to keep their teaching positions. There’s a great need for teachers to reach out to their students during this quarantine. The best way for them to do this is through an online curriculum, webchats, emails, video cams, and online classroom sessions. We all have to keep learning, growing, and surviving.

The state of the art company is making an effort to acknowledge professions in the workforce that engage with the public regularly. We don’t realize how necessary the underpaid jobs are for the community at large until we’re without them.

It was just today at the grocery store I saw one of the store employees wiping down the fruit stations that display our fresh produce. He wiped down the circle refrigerator that held an open area of different cheese and a few of the baskets in the aisles. Thankfully, more items were stocked on the shelves. I noticed some grocers hiring stockers and cashiers, who interact with the public and handle money for every purchase made. It’s mind-blowing how these simple tasks are literally putting their lives at risk. On the plus side, they are willing and disciplined enough to keep their jobs and keep serving the community so our society can function.

The image of the delivery man is my favorite one of all. My elder cousin works for United Parcel Service (UPS). He risks his life every day to provide for the public. He’s always hard at work and he’s been working at UPS for about twenty years now. He’s the coolest.

An ode to all the bus drivers out there. I’m actually surprised that our bus systems haven’t stopped running. Yet and still, the bus drivers are needed for commuters without reliable transportation to work. Not everyone can afford to be off work. Living is learning to survive. The number of people the bus driver faces who might be infected gives me chills. All of the in and out of different people through the bus doors, trying to keep their social distance and not spread germs is a hazard.

During this quarantine, there’s been a skyrocket in unemployment. I’m assuming there’s also an increase in the number of starving families. Food banks have been popping up in several locations throughout the city of Los Angeles. Often, these types of resources are organized by business programs and funded efforts. Imagine that these resources are collaborated by those who have lost their jobs, but still want to give back. Regardless of who serves the community, these acts of love are what keep our civilization alive.

Google has chosen to honor our greatest supporters with a heart floating onto them. The company is an up-to-date host for an abundance of sources and a fantastic website that pioneers internet research and aids in maintaining public information. Thanks, Google!




Words Like Fireballs Shot From Hot Lips

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Words Like Fireballs Shot From Hot Lips

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